Facial Reconstructive Surgery

Cirugía Reconstructiva Facial


Reconstrucción de Órbita

Es similar a la cirugía de la órbita, pero generalmente se habla de reconstrucción en casos secundarios, tardíos, en los que la patología de base o enfermedad o trauma que produjo la deformidad ya está controlada. Lo que se trata es de recobrar la forma y la función.

Generalmente es más complicada que la cirugía de órbita tradicional y necesita de que un equipo adecuado.

Se hace por causas como traumas, tumores, infecciones entre otras. Tanto los tejidos blandos como los huesos de la órbita se pueden ver afectados. La reconstrucción varía según cada paciente y se puede requerir de varias cirugías. El objetivo es lograr una apariencia más aceptable y similar al estado previo.

Orbital Reconstruction Surgery

For reasons like traumas, tumors, infections, and others, both the soft tissue and the bones of the orbit can be affected. The reconstruction changes according to every patient and it is possible to need of several surgeries. The objective is to achieve a more acceptable appearance and similar to the previous condition.

Nasal Reconstruction Surgery

For different reasons like tumors, cancers, accidents of traffic, wounds, etc, the nose can be partially or totally amputate and to reconstruct it ,it is necessary take tissue of the forehead, the cheeks, the ears and of the own nose if it is possible. The objective is to obtain a new functional nose and a better appearance. At least two surgical interventions are necessary to achieve the objective.

Ear Reconstruction Surgery

By different reasons, principally trauma and tumors, the auricular region can be totally or parcially amputate, for the patients reconstruction it is necessary to take tissue from the ribs and skin up to external protheses according to the case. At least two surgical interventions are needed and the objective is to achieve symmetry with the healthy side if it exists or with the average of the population in case the problem is bilateral.

Lips Reconstruction Surgery

Inside the anatomy of the face, the reconstruction of lips is maybe one of the most complex. It is necessary to restore the contourn,the simetry and the important function of the Sphincter (open,close and maintain, liquids and food inside or outside). The objective is to restore these components. The process needs at least two surgeries and the results Vary according to each case.

Facial Paralysis Treatment

Facial paralysis causes a severe limitation in the functionality, sociability and patient's environment. It can be partial or total and uni or bilateral. The options of treatments go from camouflages and minor procedures up to the transplant consisted of tissue with microscope. The objective is to achieve a symmetry with the healthy side if it exists both in rest and in movement, to improve the function of the mouth, the speech, and to avoid complications like ulcerations or wounds in the eyes for exposure and to improve the forehead. This objective is difficult to accomplish, but in most cases there are good results.

Skin Cancer Treatment

The skin is affected by innumerable patologías and one of them that deserves a special chapter is skin cancer. It appears as sequels of exposure to the sun, personal predisposition, burns, constant traumas and other factors. There are cancers that are more aggressive than others and depending on the type, size and the compromise of the profound structures the treatment varies. The general concept is to withdraw it in its totality with a safety margin of the healthy tissue and to reconstruct it according to the resultant defect posterior to its withdrawal.

Acute and Postburn Reconstruction

These cases need special attention since the burn skin in most cases causes severe deformities ,hardens the tissue and limits the function of the awkward site(in this case the face) producing retraction of the eyebrows, eyelids, mouth and neck. It is possible to withdraw the burnt skin re-accommodating the tissue, placing better quality skin or using expanders of skin that make the skin grow in a healthy zone and with this surplus progressively replace the damaged skin several surgical interventions are needed and the results vary according to every case.

Biopolymers (Inyectable Solutions)Sequels Treatment

The injection of strange materials like biopolymers, injectable solutions, oil, liquid silicone and other products for landfill, in depressions in front, space between the eyebrows, around the mouth and to give an appearance of bigger volume can cause variable deformities in presentation and severity throughout the time. There are multiple therapies and each one with variable results according to the severity of the damage and the patient.