Conventional and Endoscopic Aesthetic Facial Surgery

Cirugía Estética Facial Convencional y Endoscópica


Frontoplastia o Levantamiento de Cejas

¿Qué es?

Cirugía enfocada en la frente y en las cejas, el objetivo es elevar las cejas un poco, pero principalmente detener que sigan cayendo.

¿Cuáles son los beneficios?

Principalmente mejora el contorno de los ojos. La primera parte del envejecimiento de la cara se da en la ceja, párpado superior, párpado inferior, entonces, la primera parte de un rejuvenecimiento facial es levantar la ceja y hacer la blefaroplastia. Levantar la ceja ayuda a que el ojo se vea más abierto, se vea más grande, se vea más bonito y que la persona se vea más juvenil porque uno de los signos de juventud es tener la ceja levantada.

¿Cuánto tiempo dura esta cirugía?

En el quirófano aproximadamente una a dos horas, los resultados de 7 a 10 años.
¿A partir de qué edad se hace esta cirugía?
La edad es variable, si es una paciente normal aproximadamente entre los 30 y 40 años,  antes si se trata de pacientes que tienen alguna deformidad, por ejemplo, pacientes con secuelas de parálisis facial.

¿Qué dolor o molestias se presentan?

El periodo de recuperación es de aproximadamente una semana. Lo que se siente es una molestia muy pasajera. No se presenta dolor porque los nervios se adormecen un poco en quince días ya no habrá ninguna molestia.

¿Cuáles son los cuidados posteriores?

La recuperación dura una semana, los cuidados posteriores serán según caso específico del paciente y se deberán seguir las órdenes médicas.

¿En qué consiste el procedimiento?

Se puede hacer de manera endoscópica  y se puede hacer de manera tradicional.  La endoscópica sirve para visualizar mejor los detalles anatómicos de los vasos y los nervios que están cerca al ojo y se puede llegar a lograr un mejor resultado con la endoscópica.
La técnica del procedimiento consiste en hacer unas incisiones pequeñas en el cuero cabelludo, de aproximadamente uno máximo dos centímetros.  Con dos o tres incisiones se va hasta los planos profundos y se levanta o se separa la piel del hueso hasta llegar a la ceja y se hace el levantamiento y la ceja sube.  Después de eso, se puede cortar un poco de piel del cuero cabelludo y se pone un punto especial, como un anclaje, para que la ceja suba, la idea de la cirugía es levantar la ceja que está caída pero también es impedir que siga bajando.

Frontplasty or Eyebrow Lift Surgery

This surgery is used to improve the contourn of the forehead and lift the eyebrows which depending on the patient, can be made completely or partially, and it can be made in many forms, leaving small surgical scars hidden in skin hair. This can be made conventional or supported by an endoscopy.

Blefaroplasty or Eyelid Surgery

Surgery that is used to improve the contourn of the eyes, withdraw extra skin and grease that which improves your appearance, and consequently withdrawing certain wrinkles localized around the eyes. The surgical scars are left hidden in natural wrinkles or facial lines difficult to perceive in the superior and inferior eyelid.

Rhinoplasty or Nose Surgery

Surgery that is used to improve your external aspect as well as its functionality. Scars can be made either internally or a combination of internal and external, dependent of the case. The object of the surgery is to achieve a harmony between the nose and facial characteristics without leaving signs of surgical operation.

Malar Augmentation or Cheekbone Surgery

Indicated for patients with a deficiency in this area. It is executed by placing implants of aloplastic material (silicone) close to the bone with incisions inside the mouth. The objective is to obtain more pronounced cheekbones, more visible which make for a more harmonic face.

Otoplasty or Ear Surgery

Surgery to improve the contourn of the ears. The scar will stay hidden in the posterior area of the ear. It is indicated in cases with big or prominent ears, or those which are very lifted or that with and inferior size in comparison to a normal ear.

Bichectomy or Cheek Surgery

When there is an excess of grease in the cheeks it manifests like a bulky or prominent cheeks. This surgery is applied inside the mouth with a minimal incision, the necessary grease is extracted from a specific place. Its extraction is not indicated in all cases and it can be associated with others to improve the profile of the cheek.

Ritidoplasty or Facelift Surgery

This surgery is used to improve upon the aged look of the face and neck due to time, the damage produced by the sun and the special conditions of each patient. It rejuvenates the forehead, eyes, cheeks, mouth, chin, and neck. The majority of scars are hidden ( in the skin beneath hair, the superior and inferior eyelid, neck, behind the ears and inside the mouth) and when necessary a scar in front of the ear, which can be camouflaged very well and passed of inadvertently in the majority of times. The object is to achieve a subtle rejuvenation, with a natural appearance giving the patients a face with less wrinkles and better harmony with all its parts.

Cervicoplasty or Neck Lift Surgery

It is done alone or accompanied by facial rejuvenation. It is so that we can improve its aspect and reduce the wrinkles found in the neck. We can remove unwanted skin and grease. All scars are hidden behind the ears and beneath the chin.

Mentoplasty or Chin Surgery

Alterations to the chin can be made due to deficit in that area such as lack of projection or volume, or for excess. This process can be done through a cut of the bone and advance (the most recommended through my experience) or with an implant. The scars can be put inside the mouth or beneath the chin.

Mandibular Contourn Surgery

It is done to give more definition to the inferior and lateral part of the jaw (the angle) with the objective to give a little more volume and improve the appearance of the lower part of the face, so that a more clear separation between the face and neck can be noted, this is proportionate with a more youthful aspect. The procedure is made with an porous polyethylene Implant.

Hair Replacement Surgery

This is a specialized treatment in which a piece of skin hair in the posterior part of the head and is implanted in the bald area of the head. The grafts are 1 or a maximum of 2 hairs for every place of puncture to evade “Dolls hair” the area to be covered varies from patient to patient. There may be a need for various surgical interventions to complete the process.

Acne Sequels Treatment

The scars left from acne are manifested like irregularities marked in the cheeks which make the person seem much older among other things. There can be made dermabrasions( withdrawal of the superficial layers of skin) peeling chemicals or with cheek surgery to hide the acne scars and diminish them.

Skin Rejuvenation: Hyaluronic Acid and Botulinum Toxin Appliance

This is done to patients who dont want or need a surgery like these. We can fill furrows, wrinkles and irregularities with hyaluronic acid or grease (NEVER WITH SUBSTANCES SUCH AS BIOPOLYMERS OR OF THE LIKE), we can also use the botulinum toxin to dissimilate lines of expression, wrinkles around the eyes and in the space between the eyebrows in a safe, secure and simple way but temporary.